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interception. cheap jordan 11 This was not a touchdown. And like I said this morning we need we need to get rid of these temporary -- just like we need to replace the Obama administration. And have finance from real real -- and real leaders to fix this -- now you know that the Democrats he has tonight your meddling in an active labor. -- this. We went from Brad Stuart both experts -- Rumors it is when you look at.

That was an interception -- just put anybody watches that will now. I very rarely snows and have a good excuse of -- it doesnt talk about Brady when were off the air here are so last we are your -- for the first debate governor and I know that theyre gonna give me the hook here. Its said that youre raising expectations so high by all over the anticipation of all this and that theres so much riding on it now but it maybe even too risky for him. I dont know exactly how to raise or lower expectations the president is obviously a very eloquent gifted speaker. Hell do just fine I presume hell present his point of view point out my differences and describe the course that I would take the country. People make a choice.

I I think. I think in terms of the two different speakers people who make their assessment -- was the better speaker. I think I have if you will the facts -- my side. I think the American people will be on boards of the vision I have for the future of the country but but time will tell. But Ive you know Ive never been a presidential debate like this. Exercises To Eliminate A Double Chin It can come from being overweight, heredity
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